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European Airwings VA

Welcome to the European Airwings VA

The European Airwings is a pure virtual airline, VA, which is active only in the IVAO network. Our goal is to enable enthusiasts flying online in a nice community.

Join us now!

Own Flightplans

We┬┤ve got a own booking system including own flight plans. Nevertheless you have the chance to fly every flight you want with our "create your own flight" function.


Complete economic simulation

In the European Airwings VA you will find a fine sophisticated business simulation. When booking and billing such as fuel, ticket, maintenance, and many other costs are taken into account.


Own Toursystem

The European Airwings VA has a private tour system with its own tours. Head over here in areas that you may have not seen in flightsim. Our top tours include the European Airwings Holiday Tour and a "small villages" tour.


Teamspeak Server

Our Teamspeak servers have abolished. We'll meet on Discord now for easier and more comfortable conversations.